martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

FLORES - Window display for Place Vendome, Santiago, Chile.

 El encargo para el evento Flores de Place Vendome, era potenciar el concepto floral de la temporada Primavera 2014. Para esto, se complementó con guirnaldas hechas de papel de seda y género, utilizando los colores asociados a las gráficas previamente entregadas por el cliente. Al mismo tiempo, la intención de generar un degradé de color en el total, intensificó el exibidor/alzador en su altura, con el fin de potenciar los productos a exhibir.

MY LIFE - Window display for Ripley, Santiago, Chile.

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Window display for Manito-November 2010, Vancouver, Canada.

The assignment was to design a window display that would showcase Manito's silk products; robes, sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows and throws.
The duvets and duvet covers were rolled, tied with ribbon and hung in a vertical position. This way we were able to show the different colors available, while displaying the material's quality and gloss.
In the case of the sheets, throws and pillows, several white-colored supports were used: tables (also sold at the store), wooden boxes, a swing and two wooden trees. All of these elements formed a garden-like image in which the products showcased the natural characteristics of silk, while allowing for the different colours to interact, being sustained by this white, neutral background.
Lastly, a mannequin made of wood and fabric was placed wearing one of the robes, completing the display with a human figure.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Window display for Homewerx, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada The idea for this display was to emphasize the spring concept proposed by the store, working primarily on the geometric patterns present in Suki Cheema’s pillow collection. The window display consisted on four rows (two per window) of figures that hung from the ceiling. These geometric shapes were ordered by size, being large at the window and getting smaller as they went into the store, approaching the ceiling. They were made of cardboard. The rows were placed at different heights, with the ones closer to the store entrance beginning at a greater height, in order not to interfere with the transit of people. As for the shapes themselves, they were made from a rectangle that was cut diagonally into two shapes of different size, which were assembled perpendicularly, generating a three dimensional object. Since all initial rectangles were cut differently, each object is unique, and was given an individual identity by cutting out different patterns in each case. This unique quality, along with the sense of uniformity given by the geometric character of all the shapes, followed the same game of similarity and variation present in Suki Cheema’s patterns.

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Window display for Homewerx, Vancouver, Canada.

Assignment: To design a window display with “Canadiana” as main idea, which would attract tourists expected to arrive for the 2010 winter Olympics. The display would showcase Canadian made products as well.

Proposal: The project consisted on covering half of each of the store windows with paper banners that went from ceiling to floor and on which Northwest coast Indian designs were cut-out, making them semi-transparent. A third pattern was printed on vinyl, which was used on the bottom part of the windows. To display the products, red cubes were used, making reference to the Canadian flag, and, as a finishing touch, white feathers were hung in front of the banners and across the window, symbolizing nature, Native American imagery and snow.


-The store’s new presentation succeeded in presenting local imagery in a simple and clean style that characterizes Homewerx as a retail space.

-The banners themselves became an attraction for passers-by, who would come into the store to see the technique and patterns from up close.


Assignment: Three window displays and three in-store displays in different department stores designed to showcase unisex baby clothing.

Proposal: The concept was to create a dream-like, ethereal space, a fantastic place with hanging cradles, ladders, moons, baskets, feathered wings, clouds and stars.

Achievements: The result was an eye-catching and sweet window display that showed the products in a different way, appealing to both children and adults.

EASTER WINDOW DISPLAY for RIPLEY (Department store). Santiago, Chile.

Assignment: To create a window display with Easter as main theme, which would motivate customers to visit the kids’ sector of the store.

Proposal: In this case, no products were to be displayed. An outdoors space was simulated, featuring baskets, rabbit silhouettes, grass, butterflies, eggs, trees and sky. A combination of pastel and strong colors was used.


A colorful and imaginative space was created, shared by real and fictitious elements, recreating the childhood fantasy of Easter.

IN-STORE MERCHANDISING of ART PROCUCTS for RIPLEY (Department store). Santiago, Chile.

Assignment: To set up a place inside the store where products featuring designs by prominent Chilean artist Bruna Truffa could be displayed.

Proposal: The central idea was to create a white space that recreated an artist’s Studio in a clean, abstract fashion. Stands, ladders, working tables, palettes and shelves were used to display the products.


-The white space allowed for the products to be the focal point.

-The setting emphasized the artistic quality of the designs.

WORKS FOR PHOTO STUDIO 245, Santiago, Chile

As Decor and Fashion Stylist, my job consisted on:

-Designing the setting for a photograph requested by a customer.

-Gathering the elements and people that would make the design possible (location, models, make-up artists, furniture, etc.)

-Leading and directing the staff in the manufacturing of sets and supporting objects.

-Giving an order to the assigned work, organizing work spaces, supervising staff members and creating timelines and schedules.

This job allowed me to develop ideas with great freedom, due to the growing confidence studio owners had in my abilities.